Recent Events

It has been a busy couple of months since our last update.


Tim and Lindsey Bayne

Recruit Week – In April we went to Seattle to ACTION’s recruit week.  There were 6 new missionaries accepted and prepared to be sent.  Among them our dear friends, Tim and Lindsey Bayne.  They will be going to Fortaleza Brazil to run a mission post and volunteer at the Lar.  You can keep up with their adventures on Facebook, Missional Love.  Keep praying Mt. 9:38, that the Lord of the harvest would send workers.  Maybe there are some in your church?  Ask us about opportunities.



My Hopscotch Nemesis


Nadia – A New Sister

Ecuador – I just got back from a trip to Ecuador.  I spent time with a few of ACTION’s missionaries.  I was able to take part in Francisco and Nita’s Kid’s Club.  A ministry that is evangelizing and discipling up to 60 children and adolescents, the highlight was this photo of a new sister in Christ.  I did have the opportunity to play Hopscotch with the 7-9 year-olds.  I lost because I made a rookie error and opened the door for Deisy to “run the table”.  It won’t happen again.


ACTION Ecuador

I participated and counseled through the restructuring of the ACTION Ecuador board.  It was encouraging as there is a new movement with a new vision and young blood to get a good restart.  Pray for them as they add a couple more members then vote for the next Board.  Pray for unity and a continued vision to reach out and send.

Missed trip to Costa Rica – I was supposed to visit missionaries in Costa Rica but needed a certificate of Yellow Fever vaccination to go from Ecuador.  I can’t get these vaccines now due to cancer treatment.  I returned to the US and am planning my trip to Costa Rica from the US- no yellow fever!

Prayer Requests

  • Health – Tests next week to verify that the Lord is still securing the cancer.
  • Future travel plans & ministry – The Lord has currently called me to this new position as Regional Coordinator for Latin America. Pray that the Lord continues to secure the disease so that travel is possible.
  • Trip to Brazil – We have a trip planned for June 17- August 15
    • Short term group – Southwest Church

Southwest is returning after 7-years.  We are so excited to lead this return and group.  Pray as they will be working at the Lar, doing a couple VBSs and a kid’s program in a favela.




Renner and Nayara

Our little Nayara, now 27, is getting married on Aug.5.  She came to the Lar in 2004.  She is our Brazilian daughter and now a nurse.  I have the honor in participating in this wedding.  Pray I don’t get rough with Renner, her future husband and a dentist.

  • Possible trip to Paraguay

God willing and health permitting, we will visit ACTION missionaries in Paraguay after the wedding.

  • Paige studying for Doctorate
    • Paige is currently taking classes at Clemson. Pray with her as she considers a doctorate.  Her desire is to be better equipped as we strive to participate, serve and counsel orphanages in a Godly form of orphan care, creating low and no-cost programming promoting great outcomes in emergent and third world orphanages.

Our call is to serve ACTION missionaries and the people of Latin America and the Caribbean by encouraging and equipping as is possible so that they can do what they are called to do in Christ’s name.  Thank you for being a part of that and praying with us specifically for this region of the world.

Mark and Paige.


I am now officially the coordinator of the Latin America region for Action International, our mission. We had our annual International Council in the Philippines. Leaders and representatives from all countries represented by ACTION were there and it was a great time of fellowship and prayer. Our goals were to hear what was happening around the globe and decide how we could best serve those in the trenches. The following are the underlying themes/needs/prayer requests: • Laborers for the harvest. Foreign and domestic. • Succession – National Leadership to be grown up to assume the ministries. • Support for non-western missionaries. In countries with difficult economies, missionaries are struggling to raise support and needed ministries are put on hold for fund raising. Darren Beck from Cambodia put out a challenge to all of us and I want to share the challenge with you: Mt 9:37,38 says, “Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Join us by setting the alarms on your phones or watches to 9:38 am and 9:38 pm. Take those moments daily, as you can, and pray earnestly for the Lord of the harvest to send laborers. Those laborers could be someone you know. Maybe someone from your own family or church. Specific prayer and praise in relation to our ACTION missionaries: • Pray for the Mexico and Ecuador fields. Both are dealing with internal issues that are slowing the work. • Mexico is ripe for the harvest. Pray that Latin American Christians in the US would hear the call to “Go” to the fields with the gospel. • Praise God for the cohesiveness in Peru and for their unified vision and drive. • Pray for Paige and I and my health as I desire to go, visit and encourage the other ministries. My desire is to serve those in Latin America and the Caribbean by encouraging and equipping as is possible so that they are able to do what they are called to do. Thank you for being a part of that and praying with me specifically for this region of the world. Mark and Paige.